Aaron J. Seigo
Aaron J. Seigo <aseigo at kde dot org>
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aseigo> su -
linux:~/Who...? # _
" ...
worn into the floor

of my head
is a rut
where the marbles roll
... "

Born in 1975 on the Northern coastline of British Columbia, Canada, I now have a son of my own who was born at the turn of the century. We live on the Canadian praries, which somehow sounds more romantic than it is.

I'm a KDE software developer by profession, sponsored by Trolltech. Politics, literature, film and music are all of great interest to and provide much enjoyment for me. I write on technical topics, pen the occasional bit of fiction, play guitar and enjoy good coffee and scotch. This is the "adult" side of me.

There also lurks the more ... youthful ... person beneath my skin. The one who likes to go out and party, the one who gets into trouble, the one who laughs and smiles and dances for no particular reason other than it feels great.

No, this really doesn't tell you much about who I am. But what would you do with such information, anyways?

aseigo at kde dot org